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Office Coffee Machine Rental Help Boost Office Productivity

Coffee, being the most consumed beverage after tea, is a great booster for employees in the morning. Studies have shown that drinking coffee can help reduce stress, improve staff job satisfaction and keep employees alert and focused. When employees are happier and office morale is high, staff productivity will definitely improve. However, some employers may not not feel the relation of employees’ motivation and a cup of coffee. In contradictory, these are the small things employees look forward to when coming to work every day.

Here are the reasons why having a coffee machine in the office boost office productivity.

Coffee Breaks allow employees to pause and think

Taking small coffee breaks in the middle of work actually allows employees to pause and think, enhancing their ideas and let them reflect on things from different angles. When people can take a pause from their usual work, it actually allows room for reflection and let them think of better ways to improve their work productivity and project ideas. Regular breaks help foster professional relationships. It’s also a catalyst for helping people to relax and exchange opinions during networking opportunities.

Coffee helps to keep employees alert

We all know that caffeine helps one to be vigilant, enhance memory and recollection. Drinking coffee actually helps employees to stay concentrated on their tasks, allowing them to have higher efficiency, without sacrificing the quality of work done. By having a coffee machine in the office, it actually encourages employees to drink more, and eventually enhance overall office morale by increasing their concentration level. Research has also shown that caffeine can actually alleviate common types of aches and pains suffered by people who have desk jobs, making a coffee machine ideal for office environment.

Coffee machine is a low-cost motivation booster

Coffee machine may be an additional expense to the company, but if we compare coffee machine rental to constant company trips and team outings, this is of much lower cost without the expense of employees’ working hours. Furthermore, the cost per cup of coffee would definitely be more economic, comparing to the cost each employee is going to spend at café. In addition, survey has shown that 90% of employees claimed that the availability of quality coffee shows that a company cares about their wellbeing.

Other than all the benefits listed above, coffee machine rental is much more environmentally friendly, compared individually packed coffee, which is a plus points for company who emphasize on minimizing waste. All in all, having a coffee machine in the company brings about far more benefits than the cost, as proven by the points listed above. Therefore, it would be one of the key points to consider when you are trying to improve your working environment

Asia Connex always emphasize on bringing in the most cost effective and reliable coffee machines, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance on finding the right package for you and your company.