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Making your favourite coffee in the office

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Waking up at 7am before all the hustle and bustle begins, it is normal for a typical office worker to skip breakfast for that extra 10 minutes of sleep. This is especially so when there is a thought that the office pantry can provide some basic breakfast. Everything would seem to go smoothly until you drank that unsatisfying coffee from the pantry coffee machine.

There is a saying which goes: “A steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee is certainly the best way to start your day!” However, if the first cup of coffee is stale, bitter and does not pack any punch, it would totally be disappointing and the whole day would likely be ruined.

Just as you are about to give up hope and join in the line at the downstairs coffee joint, we would like to provide a solution and that pantry coffee need not taste mediocre. In fact, to the surprise of the majority, fully automated coffee machine coffee can actually exceed your expectation with just a few adjustments.

Firstly, you have to see what kind of coffee machine does your office provides – capsule or coffee beans machine? Usually if your capsule coffee taste bad, it might be due to the lost in flavours when the beans are being grounded and repacked into smaller servings. And the simple solution would be to change to another brand of capsule.

On the other hand, if it is the fully automated coffee beans machine, it might have been due to several reasons, namely an unsealed beans container or a wrongly adjusted coffee taste settings on the machine.

Unsealed coffee beans container can cause the beans to get stale from the prolonged exposure to the air. As such, we do not recommend filling the container to the brim as it obstructs the container from covering fully. Pouring the right amount of beans in the container and storing the rest is an air tight packaging over a cool and dry area would be the best to prolong the life of the beans.

A wrongly adjusted coffee machine setting can directly affect the taste of the coffee brewed. Some of the machines come with default settings that serve diluted coffee and as such we always recommend users to check the settings and adjust them to their liking.

Of course, if you want a coffee machine that provides more flexibility and at a fraction of the price of the other coffee machines in the market, our Kalerm Coffee Machine is the best candidate for the job. This “2015 Red Dot Design Award Winner” coffee machine allows you to adjust the coffee, milk and water level settings during the process of dispensing so that you can directly tweak the taste based on the smell and the colour of coffee while it is still dispensing. Apart from this, the machine can also be connected to a full-sized jerry can water source so that users do not need to constantly re-frill the water.

And when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this machine is one of the easiest in the market. It comes with automatic self-cleaning and with just a few buttons, the job can be done within minutes.

All in all, if the all the pointers are being adhered to, we can ensure you that a perfectly brewed coffee is well within reached. And if all fails, there is always the Kalerm Coffee Machine to save the day!