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How to Clean and Maintain Kalerm Fully Automated Coffee Machine?

In Asia Connex, we understand that when it comes to coffee machine selection, consumer’s main concerns would be the maintenance of the coffee machine. Many have the misconception that coffee machines are hard to clean, and a lot of technical skills are required to get the machine stainless. On the contrary, Kalerm coffee machines are very user friendly, even when it comes to the cleaning procedure and maintaining the machine in its top functionality.

Fully automated coffee machine cleaning consists of 3 main components, milk cleaning, coffee brewer cleaning and water tank descaling. Users are only required to do daily cleaning and routine cleaning. Daily cleaning is relatively easy; users only need to remove the milk tube from the milk container and inserting it back in to the designated milk-hole, followed by pressing the milk cleaning button from the machine settings. Normally machine cleaning is done at the end of the day, therefore when you off the machine, the machine will automatically prompt a coffee brewer rinse.

Routine cleaning on the other hand, require more time to clean, but it is only done after machine reaches certain usage. Routine cleaning usually requires about an hour to complete the whole process, as compared to daily cleaning which usually takes less than 10 minutes. Cleaning tablets and cleaning solutions are often recommended to complement the cleaning procedure to achieve the best outcome.

Other than machine cleaning, fully automated coffee machines should only be placed in cool and dry sheltered areas. Users should also make sure that milk are kept well refrigerated or kept away after use, so as to prevent contamination and pest infestation.

Once you understand the maintenance knowledge, it is not hard to own and maintain a coffee machine on your own. Now everyone can be their own barista!