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Healthier, Fresher, Tastier Coffee with Kalerm

Kalerm Fully Automated coffee machine extracts the best essence of your favourite coffee beans directly into your daily cup. Simply place the beans into the bean hopper, and enjoy a nicely brewed cup of coffee!

Kalerm coffee machines are able to make various types of coffee beverage, namely Espresso, Americano, Latte and Cappuccino. The machine is both efficient and user-friendly. It is also equipped with an adjustable coffee setting to fine tune the coffee precisely to the taste that you are expecting.

Kalerm Fully automated coffee machine is an ideal choice for offices that place high importance in the health and welfare of their staffs. Their staff can use coffee beans which are much fresher, lesser calories and added additives as compared to the local coffee shop coffee, where the roaster uses added oil and sugar into roasting. This coffee machine allows your own customisation of Italian coffee, without the hefty café price tag. Want to customise your own Italian coffee without burning a hole in your pocket? Kalerm is the coffee machine that you are looking for!

Other than offices, fully automated coffee machine is also suitable for cafes and restaurants that wishes to offer coffee as an option without incurring a high labour cost. Despite being fully automated, it is still highly customizable based on the different milk, coffee and water level and this allows room for customers’ special requests. Also, since the machine does not use any sugar in the brewing process, customers have the flexibility to choose the types of sugar and the amount of sugar that they want in their coffee.

However, as with most coffee machines, Kalerm also has its limitation. Local roasted coffee beans which are dark roasted with margarine and sugar would not be ideal for the machine. The oil in the beans are in excess and this will cause issues to arise in the maintenance process.

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