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Great Coffee Need Not Come with Hefty Price Tag

How much are you willing to spend on a cup of café coffee? Depending on the beverage you are getting, Café coffee takeaways normally ranges between $3 to $8 a cup. If you need your coffee fix about 5 times a week, that would probably set you back for about $720 to $1920 a year, just on coffee. People always argue that the comfort and work motivation that the daily cuppa bring is definitely worth every penny. But what if you can now save more by having the same quality of coffee?

Owning a coffee machine may sound expensive upfront, but it actually helps you to save money in the long run. A coffee machine on average costs above $1000, an amount which is equivalent to the cost of 1 whole year of takeaway coffee. And on average a coffee machine last about 5 years, making it a  worthwhile investment if the cost is divided across annually. For example, our Kalerm Klm 1601 cost $1598, and if you split across 5 years, it would cost lesser than $30 a month. Adding your consumables and maintenance cost, it would still cost less than $600 a year, which is much worth it than spending your time queuing and paying for coffee takeaways.

Sharing a coffee machine makes the budgeting even more worthwhile, as the cost is split among more people. It is definitely recommended for household of coffee drinkers or offices that wishes to save money ordering coffees. Coffee drinkers might also argue that coffee machines are not able to produce freshly brewed coffee as compared to those hand-crafted ones. However, as technology advances, coffee machine can do more, if not better than the baristas. Other than the types of coffee beans, you can also adjust the milk and sugar level of your coffee to suit your preference. Most importantly, all these comes with a consistency which most barista may not be able to achieve, and at a cost which is a fraction of takeaway coffee prices.

Other than cost saving, coffee machine is also very environmentally friendly. Paper cups used for takeaway coffees can be substituted with your own personal mug and this little effort goes a long way in preserving our environment.

All in all, after comparing with the cost of takeaway coffee, owning a coffee machine not only allows you to save in the long run, it also allows you to have a great cup of coffee at your own comfort, at a very affordable price tag.