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Common Coffee Machines FAQ

What’s the different types of coffee machine?

There are lots of different coffee machines out in the market, and the 3 main categories would be using coffee beans, ground coffee and dissolvable coffee powder.


So, what do you sell?

We specialise in coffee machines using coffee beans, more specifically, fully automated coffee machines that do not require professional baristas to operate, but still providing you quality coffee.


Will fully automated coffee machine brew bland coffee?

No! One biggest misconception about fully automated coffee machine is that it provides lacklustre coffees compared to semi-automated coffee machines operated by baristas. Our coffee machines are comparable to semi-automated coffee machines in terms of taste and creamy milk froth, at a fraction of time.


Do you provide rental of your coffee machines?

Yes we do! Contact us to find out more about the pricing.


How much does your rental package cost?

We customised different packages based on our customers’ needs; therefore, we have different package prices. Contact us to find out more!


Can I see view the machines before purchase?

Definitely, we strongly encourage all customers to view, feel and try out the coffee machines before purchase. Our showroom is located at the address below, kindly note to call and schedule for a meeting before coming down.

Address: 4010 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10,

#07-12 Techplace 1, Singapore 569626


Will your staff come and top up the supplies in the machine?

Unfortunately, we do not provide topping up of coffee beans service as all of our machines are so user friendly, we believe that anyone can top up coffee beans and water themselves. We will deliver the coffee beans based on your orders or agreement to your location.


What should I do if I need technical assistance?

Should you require our technical assistance, just drop us a call at our technical hotline!