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Can Fully Automated Coffee Machines Replace Baristas?

What are Fully Automated Coffee Machines?

Fully automated coffee machines are basically one touch coffee machine, made from fresh coffee beans. Think of it simply, user can place coffee beans, water and milk in the machine, press a button and coffee is dispensed.

As there is no manual workmanship involved, the taste in every cup of coffee is very consistent. Users saved a lot more time too, considering that they do not need to grind their own beans and froth the milk, everything is done systematically in a fast paced by the fully automated coffee machine.

Due to its time-saving nature, it is effective to serve a large crowd as waiting time is minimised. On average 1 cup of beverage is dispensed in 2 minutes, in comparison to a barista serving, that can easily take up to 5 minutes per cup.

This machine is great for café use too. Alot of café chains are already swapping to fully automated coffee machines for coffees due to its cost effectiveness in manpower and training. In addition, coffee machines are pretty user friendly and their instructions are pretty much self-explanatory.

What are Semi-Automated Coffee Machines?

Semi-automated coffee machines, or more commonly known as baristas operated coffee machines, have its own benefits too. It has high flexibility for customisation, as every line of operation is done manually, user can craft their own beverage based on their preferences.

Baristas also have the flexibility to showcase their latte art skills using this coffee machines. Different baristas create coffees of different taste using the same machine, therefore making their own individual coffee so attractive to different customers.

Semi-automated coffee machines are easier to maintain too, as there is no grinder inside the coffee machine itself. Grinder being one of the main components in fully automated coffee machine, may need to be replace after a period of time. Semi-automated coffee machine would have this issue eliminated as they do not have a built-in grinder.

Coffee Machine Suitability

Both type of coffee machines is attractive on their own, depending on your needs. Fully automated coffee machines would be for people who wants good quality coffee with convenience. Semi-automated coffee machines on the other hand would be for people who wishes to have high flexibility in their coffee with every detail crafted to perfection.