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Café Coffee Making is No Longer Difficult- Just Press a Button

A good cup of coffee need not cost more than your meal, and you should be able to enjoy them at your convenience. No, we are not referring to off the shelf instant coffees, or capsules, but freshly grinded and brewed coffee that taste no less than what you are getting from your cafes.

What are those coffee machines?

They are the fully automated beans to cup coffee machine, or more commonly known as one touch coffee machines, this type of coffee machines makes the task of coffee brewing easy. A simple press of the coffee button and the machine will do the rest. It will grind and brew the coffee beans, heat up the milk, and dispense within 2 minutes. This saves us a lot of time, considering that queuing up for coffee purchase can easily exceed that 2 minutes.

Who is suitable such coffee machine?

You might question if it is worthy for you to invest in a coffee machine that requires payment beforehand and you have to brew your own coffee, compared to simply order from a café.
This really depends on your consumption. For non-frequent coffee drinkers that order coffee once weekly, they would not find this price tag worthy. However, for daily coffee drinkers, this would definitely be more cost effective in the long run.
This is especially so for offices. Offices that are willing to offer benefits to employees but is are still very concern about costing should consider coffee machines as a good start. Offices do not need to have a high budget for coffee machines and yet have a high return of utilities on the coffee machines; considering the cost saved per cup of coffee bought in café.

Are one touch coffee machines really worth it?

Totally! The higher the consumption, the more you should get a coffee machine. The most expensive thing in the package would be the machine cost, and you should fully utilise it to maximise your budget, while the coffee beans are still fresh.
More coffee please!